Friday, March 25, 2011

Not Forgotten

So, yes, now it's been almost THREE months since I've been on here.  I so miss having the time to write (or taking the time to write) - but for now, writing is a hobby for me.  And I guess with everything else going on, I've had to put this hobby on hold.  I AM taking time for another hobby these days though....and, it will actually be the last time I do this hobby for a looong time.  I'm making my last counted cross-stitch birth announcement for this baby #4.  My time is running out so I have been trying to work on that as much as I can.  Once that is done and we get over the whole 'new baby' hump, I'm assuming I will have some time for writing again.  Yay!

Some topics I've been thinking about writing on:

Addicted to Stress
Boundaries for Working Women
Conflict: To Say or Not To Say, That is the Question
Your 'Calling'

I've also got a playlist a mile long I'd like to share with maybe I'll try to reinstate "4 Worship Fridays" at the very least. 


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